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Women are like flowers. Some are bright and loud, some are dark and quite. Yet what some people seem to forget is that some of the prettiest flowers have the sharpest thorns.
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 0 0
The unreachable stars
Isn't it sad how unreachable some people can be, almost like stars. They look so close but no matter ho hard you try to reach them you'll never be able to. And when they fall you can't be there to catch them.  
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 0 0
Drowning above water
I'm drowning, drowning on air,
I can't breath
My heads spinning.
What is happening to me?
Losing my hearing, losing my sight
The world is darkening,
Like poison spreading
In my veins.
I'm drowning above water,
Choking on air,
Slowly losing thought.
Pain in my head is to
Much to bare,
My chest slowly stops
Going up and down,
A heavy weight
On my chest.
I'm drowning above water,
Choking on air,
Slowly losing thought.
Losing thought is like
Losing life,
It can turn into
Suppressed sadness,
The thing that helps
You live disappears.
Where to run,
Where to hide,
From the monster
That hides inside.
Drowning above water,
Choking on air,
Slowly losing thought.
A sharp pain in my lungs,
As they slowly suffocate,
Making it difficult to breath.
In the woods alone,
Trapped in a world with no way out,
Clawing at the door.
Screaming for help,
No one can hear,
Looking, searching for a escape.
Drowning, yes, drowned,
Breathing, stopped long ago,
Thoughts, long gone and never coming back.
Screaming stop
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 1 0
Real life
In real life no one is really happy.
There will always be
Nervousness, fear, worry,
Stress, wrath, envy, and greed.
Nervousness, fear, worry, and stress
Can cloud senses or emotions
To make a decision.
Wrath makes aggression
Cover all other emotions.
Envy covers up all reason
And makes you un-rationally.
Lastly greed makes us feel
Want for things we don't
Even need nor never will.  
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 0 0
I'm Falling.
Falling into a
Place unknown.
Darkness surrounds me,
Like a blanket.
I don't know where
I am or where
I'm going,
But I do know one
Thing it's
Going to be dark.
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 1 0
Some people
Some people may look
Emotionless but usually
Their the one's with
The most emotion.
Yet their face
May be blank
Their eyes tell
The whole story.
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 2 0
Where my heart (Dark Poem)
Where my heart
Should be there's
A cavity
That beats.
Consuming every emotion
Like a black hole.
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 0 0
Have you
Have you ever
Thought that maybe
The light is evil
And the dark is good.
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 3 150
Life (Dark Poem)
What's the meaning of life really.
Some say love,
Some say for fortune,
Some say to reproduce,
But let's face the facts
Not everybody has those things.
The one thing that everybody
Has in-common is death.
What if the meaning of
Life is to die.  
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 1 0
A veteran
A veteran is someone
Who protects us,
They risk their
Lives for our
Freedom and well being,
Sadly not all
Come back,
But what's important
Is that they died
For what they
Believed in,
These brave souls,
Men and women alike,
Hero's, saviors, kind souls
Forever in are minds,
Forever in are hearts,
Nothing will take away
The memories one might
Have of a lost one
Who fought for us all,
But we have to
Remember they did this for us.  
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 1 0
You dive in and you're sucked into
A void of sparkling blue,
It sinks it's fangs in you,
And the more you struggle
The tighter it holds,
Only letting go when
You need to breathe,
Just to pull you back down again,
And never letting go,
At times it's majestic,
Calm even,
Yet if you let down your guard,
Even for a second,
It will STRIKE!
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 1 0
The twister twirls around anything
In it's path,
Much like a snake wrapping it's prey in it's
Coils so it can never get out,
It destroys everything in it's
Path leaving nothing behind but rubbish,
It tells the wind to do it's bidding
And to make it spin faster,
It goes where the clouds call
It to wreak havoc,
When it's done it simply disappears
Leaving nothing but destruction in it's wake.
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 1 3
The Sun
The Sun shines bright to give morning light
Like a phoenix to greet it's master,
It gives off light so all can see,
Chasing away the darkness in a
Never ending game of tag,
It goes where it's needed most,
Slowly leaving and letting the dark
Chase it away,
Like a phoenix crumbling to ashes.  
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 2 0
The Cloud's Tears
The cloud's tears fall down making a little sound
Like a bird flapping it's wings,
They wash away all the negativity,
Replacing it with the calm sounding pitter-patters,
They follow the saddest clouds
Hoping to help,
When they let up
They leave beautiful colors
That tell you they will be back again.
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 0 0
Creepypasta X reader 3
You sighed and stuck your hand into the hat hoping to not get anyone you don't like.          
You felt around a bit until your hand felt something circular. You wrapped your fingers around it and pulled it out. When you fully pulled the object out you looked at it as it sat in the middle of your palm. It was a piece of candy. You showed Splender and he grinned looking in the crowd for whom the object belongs to. That is until a long arm is reached over your head and takes the candy out of your hand. You look behind you to see a grinng LJ you smile back and flick Splender on the back of the head to get his attention. He looks at you rubbing the back of his head and you pointed to the grinning LJ next to you. Splender looks at LJ and say "There you are now get in the closet".
He pushed you and LJ in the closet and locks the door behind you. You turned around facing the door as you heard the click of the lock. You turned to look at LJ befor
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 0 0
Ceil X Reader - Welcome - (The dress)
You are Elizabeth Milford's cousin  (First Name) (Last Name). Little did Lizzy know that you were a demon. You were a dragon demon but there are many types of dragons and , to your advantage, you can turn into every time of dragon there is. You have two demon companions. Juile is a cat demon with black hair and green eyes. Lilly is a snake demon with brown hair and green streaks and has yellow eyes. You had black hair and purple eyes a rare color for demons even the rare type of demon you were. There are many other dragon demons, even though they are rare, but they like to stay "hidden" and by hidden it means they stay in your mansion. Before your parents died they owned the best candy company in England. Now you took over the company at the age of 13.
You were working in you
:iconscarryone1988:scarryone1988 3 0


A Friendly Bribe. Uno X Reader
        “This doesn't make any sense at all. Why am I filing all this if Hajime's the only one that can give it to the Warden?” Reading over the strange set of rules in place for all incident reports a third time, you shook your head in confusion. “This just means that all of my work has to be done twice. If it's going to be like this, Hajime should just do all the filing.”
“Hey there.” Taking a seat next to you, what you assumed was a fellow guard draped his arm over your shoulders. “You having fun with that?”
“No, not really. It doesn't make any sense to me at al-.” The minute you saw who was sitting beside you, you froze. How in the world had Uno managed to get out of his cell, again? If that wasn't enough, how had he gotten all the way to the lounge without someone else seeing him? Trying to remain calm, despite the situation, you cleared your throat and spoke in an even tone. “Uno, what are you d
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 31 3
Link X Jealous!Reader! - Protector
I had gotten used to traveling around with Link by ourselves. We had traveled all over Hyrule. Going to the Divine Beasts was really fun though Link would never let me go inside. I was strong and could handle myself in battle but he always made me stay back while he fought. May the Goddesses forbid we ran into a mobin, bogoblin, lizalfos, or even worse a lynel. Link would get so hurt and got really mad when I tried to help him. He really only let me cook and fight.
But that was different now that we, or rather he, defeated Calamity Ganon. Princess Zelda was with us now. It was still taking me awhile to understand them since they told me they were both alive one hundred years ago. Link was put in the resurrection chamber to heal him and he woke up. Shortly after that he found me and we traveled together. Zelda on the other side had been suppressing Calamity Ganon for a hundred years. So neither of them had aged in over one hundred years.
Plus I can’t really lie I was jealous of th
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 15 2
Fairy OC by Junshiro Fairy OC :iconjunshiro:Junshiro 64 3 Sketchy Sketches by Lucky978 Sketchy Sketches :iconlucky978:Lucky978 784 38 Shadow Dragon Autcion [OPEN] by May-Ya Shadow Dragon Autcion [OPEN] :iconmay-ya:May-Ya 128 6 Young Atlas by Damare Young Atlas :icondamare:Damare 146 8 +++Wodnik+++ by AkiDragonManga +++Wodnik+++ :iconakidragonmanga:AkiDragonManga 35 2 SecuriTale: Q and A PR Event- Question 6 by tekitourabbit SecuriTale: Q and A PR Event- Question 6 :icontekitourabbit:tekitourabbit 178 68 Umbreon by Chiakiro Umbreon :iconchiakiro:Chiakiro 632 34 Luna by nightskrill Luna :iconnightskrill:nightskrill 141 10 how do you do by raikoart how do you do :iconraikoart:raikoart 1,188 31 What my eyes see by GeneRazART What my eyes see :icongenerazart:GeneRazART 300 0 Bebi pokemon by Chikuseren Bebi pokemon :iconchikuseren:Chikuseren 44 3 Smirky Face by Joan-Grace Smirky Face :iconjoan-grace:Joan-Grace 177 20 Caladbolg by KimikoGlaciem Caladbolg :iconkimikoglaciem:KimikoGlaciem 32 2 Benoit Sokal Video Games by Ilona-the-Sinister Benoit Sokal Video Games :iconilona-the-sinister:Ilona-the-Sinister 16 0



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I like creepy stuff but will write about anything but I'm bad at spelling so sorry if I spell a lot of stuff wrong. If anyone has any requests I will take them and do the best I can. (:


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